Project management

My strengths in project management are being organized, the ability to multitask and communication – internal and external.

I believe these are the best ingredients for successfully being able to keep any project together and on time. Personally, I believe in giving a deadline, which speaks to good time management, and keeping that promised deadline, which tells about your character and work morale.

Project Manager

I’ve been a project manager at two different marketing companies and the list of my responsibilities is endless. However, here are some which have been a huge part of my professional identity’s growth:

  • Project planning, including scheduling, budgeting, researching, tracking and reporting.
  • Account management, meaning being in contact with customers.
  • Team briefings for upcoming customer projects and project situation check-ins.
  • Orientation of new interns.

To keep track of different projects I use tools such as Trello, Google Calendar and Sheets. For reporting and team meetings I create a PDF file or PowerPoint, usually with Adobe inDesign.

School projects

I’ve also created multiple project plans for different school assignments, one of which I won “The Best Business Plan” in 2014 at Helsinki Business College.

While attending Metropolia University of Applied Sciences I’ve been part of projects such as:

  • Creating a guide video for the National Museum of Finland.
  • Creating a new innovation, “the art gallery beer”, for Helsinki’s Taidehalli.

In both projects, I was in charge of project management, i.e. taking care of scheduling and deadlines as well as team communication.

Work projects

For work, I’ve been part of projects such as:

  • Company branding
  • Marketing strategies
  • Creating buyer personas
  • Building and translating websites, eg. INTO, Visit Tuusulanj√§rvi, ExitCenter, Filterpak, and NeSu.
  • Creating exhibition stands
  • Social media ad campaigns
  • Instagram content planning
  • Photography concepts

Head of Search Engine Marketing

In addition to basic project management skills, in marketing you need a creative eye visually and strategically.

I’ve been the Head of Search Engine Marketing which consisted of me researching and creating audiences, scheduling and budgeting, copywriting, designing display ads, creating campaigns and optimizing them as well as reporting the results to the customers on a monthly basis.

I managed simultaneously about 10 campaigns and continually kept the customers up to date, which I think is one of the most important things in any customer based project. To create campaings I used Google Ads and to keep track of my campaigns, I used tools such as Trello and Google Sheets.

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